Two short connection interruptions 25th of April

Hello dear players,

On 25th of April between 8:00 and 10:00 am UTC, we will have two short interruptions in connections. All game worlds, websites, forums and services of Rail Nation will be affected.

These two interruptions should last only for a few seconds during the 2 hour maintenance window, but there is still a small chance for a longer connection interruption.

We are sorry for any possible inconvenience this maintenance may cause you,

Your Rail Nation Team

5 thoughts on “Two short connection interruptions 25th of April

  1. it is the 24th. Have been trying to sign in for an hour.

    Rn is trying to TLS handshake. Missing my competitons.

  2. Having problems loging in now. EG has started and cant continue game, got kicked out.

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